The Manege Central Exhibition Hall and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts are proud to present a new exhibition scheduled to open in St Petersburg on 8 August. Entitled NEMOSKVA IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER, the exhibition will be the third in a series of events by NEMOSKVA (lit. «Not Moscow») — an interregional initiative which aims to foster collaboration in modern art. It is being held with the support of the St Petersburg Committee for Culture and the Potanin Foundation (the exhibition’s strategic partner), with Sibur as partner.

Regional curators Svetlana Usoltseva, Oksana Budulak, Vladimir Seleznyov, Artyom Filatov, German Preobrazhensky, and Yevgeniy Kutergin, who created this exhibition in co-curatorship with Antonio Geusa, present their own view of modernity with the help of artists from across Russia. The exhibition demonstrates the relevance of regional art processes in a global context, giving art practices from the regions visibility and prominence. It also rethinks the horizontal links between regions, touching upon the themes of material resources, mimicry, care, personal time, independence, self-confidence, and self-deprecation.

The project is founded on direct collaboration between the creators and regional experts and artists. The show will feature the works of 80 artists from 21 cities across Russia, with 68 of those works created especially for the exhibition. One of the project’s guiding principles is that each artist must be given free rein to manifest their new ideas.

Participating artists: Nikolay Akimov (Vyksa), Yelena Anosova (Irkutsk), Anastasia Tsayder (Saint Petersburg), Anastasia Vepreva (Saint Petersburg), the Gorod Ustinov micro-art group (Izhevsk), the GUI art alliance (Yekaterinburg), Anton Gudkov (Omsk), Natalya Yegorova (Petrozavodsk), Valeriy Kazas (Krasnodar), Dmitriy Korotayev (Izhevsk), Varvara Kuzmina (Vladimir / Moscow), Asya Marakulina (Saint Petersburg), Aleksandr Morozov (Saint Petersburg), the Nezhniye Baby art group (Kaliningrad), Oleg Ponomaryov (Krasnoyarsk), Kerim Ragimov and Pyotr Shvetsov (Saint Petersburg), Anna Rotayenko (Moscow), Ksenia Telyatnikova (Tomsk), Yegor Fedorichev (Omsk), Alexey Ilkayev (Perm), the Khochu Byt Sokovym art group (Chelyabinsk), Alex Etevut (Perm), and others.
The project’s commissioner and author of the idea — Alisa Prudnikova.